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How We Collect and Protect Your Data

Ingenious Minds is committed to meeting the expected responsibilities for protecting your account and personal/Business information: more details about our data collection are in our notification VT005059624 on the Privacy Commission website.

Anytime you are logged into the Ingenious Minds Web sites (PROXI24, Youcare), you will be in a "secure session" that is established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and verified by Thawte a leading global certificate authority. Thawte provides online security trusted by millions around the world. While connected with SSL, every transmission between your computer and our websites are encrypted with 128-bit (strong) encryption, completely hiding your data while it travels to us.

Once the data reaches our servers, we store the sensitive information in encrypted form in our servers. And in case of credit card information, we don’t store the information at all in our servers. We are very concerned about your security and we proactively have taken steps to thwart the risks

 How To Protect Yourself

Ingenious Minds uses a variety of technologies and techniques in an effort to keep your account information safe. To further reduce any security risks we want to provide you with some simple suggestions on how to conduct business over the Internet.

If you have any questions or concerns over our security and privacy policies please contact us at security@proxi24.com.


Although Ingenious Minds is committed to providing a safe and secure environment, use of this website or its contents is at the sole risk of the user. Ingenious Minds is not to be held liable for any losses or damages you may incur from use or reliance on information contained within this site. 

 For more information see our Terms & Conditions